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Hockey Academy

Academy News Update: We are now accepting registrations for 2017-2018

Mission Statement- We strive to develop each student athlete's full potential in Academics, Hockey, Sportsmanship and Citizenship.

Vision Statement- Our student athletes will gain valuable life skills which will help them become better people, players and contributing members of society.

Tilley School and the Tigers Hockey Academy offers the Grade 3-9 boys and girls the opportunity to make ice-hockey a part of their school routine. The instructor, a certified teacher with Hockey Canada Skills Academy training, will lead male and female hockey players through a wide-range of skill development activities. Students receive 40 hours of on-ice instruction throughout the school year plus 40 hours of off-ice instruction. Off-ice training and theory will be held at the school, and on-ice activities are held at the Tilley Arena.

Off-ice activities will encourage students to develop into all around athletes. A variety of activities encourage students to develop hockey specific skills through nonspecific hockey activities. Benefits to this type of training are injury prevention through whole body development and increased participation due to avoiding repetitive activities. Skills will be taught concerning nutrition, mental control, leadership, communication and fitness training.

On-ice activities focus on hockey skills such as skating, passing, puck-handling, shooting and checking. Instruction techniques make use of drills, stations, circuits and small area games that allow for individual growth and development and increased activity time for the athletes. Combining skill development with fun will add that competitive edge for which all young players strive.

The program fee for grades 3-9 students of $300 consists of a $200 non-refundable registration fee plus $100 for the full year.