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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Lucas is a grade 1 student at Uplands Elementary. He was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Buteau, because of his unique artistic style.

“We always get excited to see Lucas' drawings and artistic interpretation of projects. He is truly a talented young student and we look forward to seeing where his artistic abilities will take him in the future.”

Lucas has an impressive body of work that ranges from vibrant pastels to pencil sketches.He isn’t afraid to try new things and really enjoys drawing portraits of superheroes, such as Iron Man and Captain America, and family members. Lucas finds the creation process calming and rewarding. He loves showing off his artwork to his family. Although quite self-motivated, he has been encouraged to explore his artistic abilities by teachers and family members, especially his father. Lucas plans to continue pursuing art in the future!


Artist’s Quote: “Start off easy, you can get better by adding detail as you go.”


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