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Parents Supporting Students to Google Meetings

Parents Supporting Students to Google Meetings

Google Meet or Google Hangouts is a Google APP similar to Facetime / Zoom / Skype that allows students and staff to interact face to face to support student learning. It can be accessed in a variety of different ways, just as Google Classroom is. Staff have begun to send invitations to students Gmail accounts for them to access scheduled Google Meets. The invitations are available via their email; where they can say (Yes / No / Maybe) to their ability to attend the meeting. The links to Google Meets can also be placed on their Google Classroom stream for easy access to the Google Meet as well. 

With the variety of devices and manners in which to access the Google Meet, please see the link below for more detailed and step by step instructions.

We also understand that the time scheduled for the Google Meet may not work with everyone. If your student is unable to attend at the scheduled time, please be in contact with your teacher to schedule another time for them to connect with your student.


Thank you - Mr. Pietersma