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Anita Chappell

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403-377-2233 Ext. 150
About Me

I began working at the Tilley School Library in November of 2007. I am very involved with the Tilley and District Public Library, the Shortgrass Library System and also hold a seat on the County of Newell Municipal Library Board. I love to read popular fiction and novels and especially enjoy locating a hard-to-find copy of a book for a patron or for myself! In my opinion, there is nothing quite like helping someone to find a book that makes their entire being light up and gets them jazzed up about reading. This is one of my favourite parts of working in the library. For the most part, I enjoy my job because my workplace is really my playground! What could be better? In September of 2010, I increased my working hours to full-time as a Special Needs Assistant. This has provided me many wonderful experiences within the school as I move around with the Junior High classes and spend more time with students.

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